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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Due to the overwhelming demand from my readers for more information on the nefarious Greg, I have felt compelled to immediately post about Greg's shifty shenanigans at the end of his shift today. Greg, the former mild mannered married martyr man who now gets his kicks swindling swankily swaddled seniors with surprisingly saintly smiles, has pulled another fast one. Greg pleaded to all ears about what a terrible day he was having and how there was no money to be made today and all this old woe is me crappola yada yada yada .  Anyway as Greg greedily grappled great customers away from deserving coworkers, the entire time bitching about what a bad no money day he was having, he was secretly stockpiling loads of big moneyed leads. Typical.
  Unbeknown  to Greg's innocent co-workers was the fact that BATBOY (yes the bat faced seven year old terror from News of the World) was hiding beneath a register waiting to pounce on anyone who tried to do their job in selling appliances to customers... EXCEPT FOR GREG! Why? I dare say because Greg and Batboy have some sort of weird homo-vampiric underage bestial relationship or something. Or maybe Batboy is just a pet. Either way no responsible adult should be bringing bat faced beast boys braying bloody boasts beyond established work parameters. But Greg pulls this kinda shit all the time! One day it's bat faced beast boys the next it's guns and crack. And for the record I fuckin' hate Batboy.

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