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Monday, June 30, 2014


Yes, it is I, the fabulous Mr. Jimmy Keith, back from the dead for a quick word of "Hello". Hi (quicker than hello). This blog, open to everybody with no boundaries to race, religion, or Facebook status has recently crossed a line! Yes, it seems that during my absence a few of the SCUM from the NETHERLANDS decided to take a look at what is written here. My blog is open to everyone EXCEPT the "people" of the NETHERLANDS. OK. I also admit that I discourage most French from visiting these pages. Also, I am not overly fond of many Canadians (Red Green chief among them. Feed Red Green to the penguins and Canada might be bearable). North Koreans. I dislike North Koreans. Well, at least their little gnome leader. OK. I dislike a lot of stupid Fucks too numerous to name, however, I never attempted to close my blog to them. But Netherlanders from fucking NETHERLANDS? Too much to take! Rename your country INDECENT LANDS. Let's be more up front about it and that would be a starting point. Also, stop hiding from the rest of us. You only come out every four years for the World Cup and then go back to your infected NETHERLANDS for more squirming and stuff ( who the hell knows what you do down there). It all makes you seem very untrustworthy and squirmy and stuff. Now go away until you meet my demands!