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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Greg and the Horseless Barbarian

It should be noted to all my faithful readers that Shady Greg is not exactly a lone wolf when it comes to screwing over customers and co-workers. No. No. Greg is frequently cavorting with the Horseless Barbarian. The Horseless Barbarian is an extremely shifty mumbling mother of mixed mutt heritage who believes in nothing more than squeezing pennies out of nickels- in plainer speak he is a cheap ass liar who would trample a baby for a dollar. He and Greg are best friends of course. The two of them have hatched more evil plans than a deranged shark and a rabid killer whale... how about more evil plans than Darth Vader and a rabid Chewbacca... fuck it! They are two evil brothers born of different Hell Dogs. The Horseless Barbarian likes to come at customers with an almost perverted sense of blood lust for their wallet "Here you stupid American you buy this from me so my children don't die of malnourishment and scurvy you arrogant Yankee bastard raised by cocky pig farming parents of questionable morals"-At least that's the feeling if not the words. Where Shady Greg is more of a Southern Gentleman without the southern or the gentleman if you know what I mean. Hence the title Shady. Together Greg and Barbie (The Horseless Barbarian) will prey on the weak and the old in a disgusting tag team of twisted truths and scary lies convincing the gullible that it was not sudden infant death syndrome that tragically stole their granddaughter but not having a PROTECTION PLAN on the freaking refrigerator that killed sweet little Sally Anne! SICK SICK DICKS OF DASTARDLY DEEDS!!!

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