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Thursday, July 10, 2014

While Brazil Burns Netherlands Goes Home!

Argentina, you have my sincerest thanks. The Fucking Netherlanders have been dismissed. I am grateful. You played a BRILLIANT game of "Futbol", Argentina. At least I was told you did. I didn't watch. I mean, 90 minutes of game time and still no score. Overtime? No score. So you won by shoot out. Great. Really. I am glad you won because I hate the Netherlanders. Creepy little Bastards! But I didn't watch the game. I watched paint dry instead.- I am curious now that Team Brazil choked on a Pressure Dog- Is the Brazilian Gov't pleased with its 14 billion dollars of public funds going to all those now useless stadiums? Probably. Soccer Rules!- In other news, the 34 year old Potter kid now has a Honey of a Boo Boo on his cheek. Great. Really.- @ midnight Rules! No you shut up Rules! Out.

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