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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


SHADY FUCKING GREG, the sexual role playing deviant who enjoys anal masturbation with a Miss Piggy hand puppet, has sunk to a new ALL TIME low (yes, again). Greg the Fuckwad of Ann Arbor (Official Title. He wears the button on his lapel.) has taken to flat out rooting for Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Wannabes. Shady can't stop talking about how good Bristol looks with her new plastic face. Shady also can't stop talking about how Sarah Palin should be President because she used to look at Russia out her window or something so she should be qualified for anything that comes her way but since she isn't running then maybe Bristol could be Executive Governor because she has probably seen Russia as well or at least Poland if not then at least some Polish Russians wandering around the Deli section of the freakin' supermarket. I walked away in the middle of his crazed rant to have lunch so I don't know if he ever tied it in with the Dancing show or not. Shady is an idiot. He also smokes crack. He blames the crack for the Piggy Puppet anal intrusions but not for his nonsense political beliefs or his teeth.

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