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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Shady Greg, never the brightest bulb even when compared to a burned out lamp, has perhaps gotten even stupider. Shady got drunk on Gatorade and Kuhlua (he has no sense of taste and a 3 year olds tolerance) and decided it was time for him to join the ever growing throng of people who have tattoos. So Shady staggered stupidly down the block from his home along the waterfront (he has a puddle in front of his home). Anyhow, Shady staggered down to Kasheeva Kare, an all night hooka joint where a "mon" can get anything he wants for a price. (Shady used to date a Kasheeva Kare belly dancer named Woobie who wore an eyepatch before she ran off with a queer puppiteer so he knew the secret knock to get in. It's - shave and a haircut my customer mine beback two bits.) Shady decided to get the tattoo on his ass (apparently he had a grudge against the tattoo artist). After much deliberation he chose to have a picture of Herve Villechaise ("da plane da plane") wearing a white tuxedo standing on Luke Sywalkers home planet etched onto his bottom. Why? Simply so he can tell anyone he meets that he has a tattoo of tattoo on tattoie on his ass.

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