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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Shady Greg, collector of Nun featured PORN, went semi-ballistic yesterday upon hearing that I think Bristol Palin is a disgrace to dancing. Turns out the Shady one is a big huge fan of the entire Palin clan. So much so that both Sarah and Bristol have restraining orders against him (Todd had one but dropped it after Greg airmailed him some cheesecake and pickled moose testicles). Even though Shady isn't allowed within a 25 mile radius of Bristol (which he claims is a simple misunderstanding over what actually constitutes "sexual misconduct in a public forum with a rubber chicken") he still loves her very much. Shady insists that when to the rest of us it appears that Bristol is "choking on sand while her body spasmodically kicks in the last stages of her death throes" she is actually "grooving accutely to professionally instructed chaos". If you haven't guessed Shady is an idiot. Despite all the evil, rotten emails I have recieved from all you pissed off Palinites I stand by my assertion that Bristol Palin can NOT FUCKING DANCE!

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  1. So what is and/or isn't allowed in public with a rubber chicken, if you have a strong CONSENUAL attraction to one another that may or may not have sexual overtones?