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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Shady Greg, the worlds last, lonely married virgin, has declared movies to be too violent. Some of you I'm sure are aware that Shady has been publishing movie reviews recently (publishing is a bit misleading. He prints out a few dozen copies of typed up gibberish). Anyhow, Greg recently viewed Any Which Way But Loose, a Clint Eastwood comedy from 1978. The Shady One was appalled. Greg wrote - "Holy Punch Out! Clint out did himself with the blood and guts this time. He once again is playing Dirty Harry and is partnered up with an orange inebriated monkey who likes to fight and fart. Disgusting! A biker gang terrorizes. A grandmother goes on a shooting spree! Terrible!". Greg goes on and on about how awful and violent the movie is. It isn't. Also Dirty Harry is not the character. Also it's an orangatan. Anyhow, Shady next reviewed Look Who's Talking. Yes, it also was too violent for our idiot anti-hero. Shady was appalled at the opening which features "these fast swimming little guys, tadpoles I think, battling for first place in a race to a cheese ball or something. Then this Harlot with her Bastard son violently abuse Barbarino for driving a cab. Hideous! Just when you think your stomach can take no more the little Bastard bites the face off of a toy giraffe. The Carnage!".  -  I know. You're thinking "Exactly how big a pussy is this Shady Greg?". He is a GIANT PUSSY. He is a bigger pussy than a Blue Whale Hooker. He is a bigger pussy than a Bloated Sex Changed Garfield! Shady Greg is just a fucking pussy. He wrote the Govener complaining about the "glorification of GUNS" after viewing Johnny Dangerously! The Facking Bastich!

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