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Friday, July 20, 2012


Shady Greg now knits his own cup holders. Sick and tired of having a traditional white stitched cup holder chafing his balls (yes the fucking idiot wears a cup to sell appliances. He says you never know when someone may decide to kick you in the balls. Being dickless has made him overly protective of his, I'm guessing here, unbelievably shrivelled, grey and balding 63 year old nutsack. And yes I mean 63 years old! I am well aware that Shady is only 54, his balls , however, are 63 due to a screwup during the transplant procedure. The transplant is a whole story unto itself since it left Greg with 4 balls. The doctors forgot to remove the originals). Anyway, Shady knits his own multi-colored cup holders now, even trying to sell them to the rest of us (Yes! Even the women. He says they can use them as "Ben-Wa overflow".  Greg should probably not speak to women).

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