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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Apparently, Botswana has not been overly pleased with all of the attention bestowed upon Malawi since Malawi came to the World's attention by joining my blog (Yes, the entire province of Malawi or state or country or whatever the fuck it is, has joined my blog. They simply have not gotten around to updating their profile or anything).Botswana , in an apparent move of jealous rage has emailed me with an announcement that they too are a country or city or at least a semi-large gathering of similarly dressed people who would like the world to take notice. Now, I do not wish to set a bad precedent by leading all you crazies out there to believe that by emailing me I will use the overwhelming popularity of my blog to push forth whatever fucked up agenda you may have. That is not the case! However, Botswana asked me nicely. Also I get a huge kick out of saying their name. BOTSWANA! BOTSWANA! BOTSWANA! Isn't that fun? Try saying this with a few Sam Adams in your system: "Botswana Malawi Malawi Botsie Australia Botswana Malawi ". Actually, that was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Do you want to know what's really weird? If say Botswana in french it is still pronounced "bots-w-an-a" because the stupid french (I refuse to capitalize french) don't have a word for bots or w! Isn't that Fucked Up? Stupid french.

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