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Monday, February 3, 2014


The EVIL Shady Greg may just have the last laugh. I, your most trusted reporter, have been captured by The Doom Bringers. I secretly write this message from the back of a horse drawn cart, bound and cramped in a tiny steel cage as we bounce and bump to my impending imprisonment. I beg you, my faithful readers, to stay strong in my absence (and continue to mock Canadians for me. Also, continue to occasionally curse the French. Thanks.) I can't believe this is the end of discussing the Satanism of cartoons or mentioning KELLY MONACO NUDE WITH PUBIC HAIR SMILE! (or something along those lines). Perhaps we shall meet again. For now, adieu. Wait. Scratch that. That sounded French ( even tho adieu is a Swiss word meaning "later Heidy"). Until next time - Take care.

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