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Monday, December 30, 2013

Malawi? What? Is that African? Malawi?

Very weird, but I seem to have picked up a couple of readers from Malawi. I think that means they are from Africa. I don't know the Australian Continent to well tho so maybe they are only from the country of Africa and Malawi is merely a city therein. Geology is not my strong suit. Oddly tho I love geography because I have a strong love of rocks. I would like to say hello to my new (Malaysian?) readers: HELLO! I have no clue how to spell the click clicks that I think are your native tongue at least according to South Park. You probably do not have South Park in Malawi if you live in a grass hut which is what I think you live in if you live in Malawi because Malawi is not known for sky scrapers and stuff. I mean if it was there would be no doubt as to whether or not Malawi is part of the Australian continent. Anyhow, South Park is a very informative (and often humorous) television program that uses colors to captivate viewers unlike I Love Lucy which shunned colors to be more artsy and sophisticated and stuff. That is why I like South Park (and rocks).I can relate.

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