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Monday, August 26, 2013


OK. Apparently there are a tremendous amount of you "ready for the Looney Bin" Psycho Wacko Wingnuts out there. Literally hundreds of you visit my blog each week looking for the truth behind SATANISM IN CARTOONS. Many of you email daily begging me to tell all I know about THE SATANIC CIRCLE OF UNITED PRESS SYNDICATE ARTISTS/CARTOONISTS/PRINT MIMES! (TSCOUPSACPM) (They're cartoonists not acronym geniuses). First of all, and allow me to make this as clear as possible, ALL CARTOONS ARE SATANIC! " Ooooh No! Not Peanuts." BULLSHIT! Fucking PigPen! Satanic! Snoopy? A dog who SLEEPS on the very uncomfortable part of his doghouse? SA-FUCKING-TANIC! OK. How about LUANN? Luann is a trashy little Satan Slut. She is constantly showing off her tight little 16 yr old body-Bikinis, Lingerie,Short Shorts! She is obviously an agent of Lucifer himself! If you make a few slight alterations to her name, you in fact wind up with the name SATANLULULUCIFERDEVILWOMANBITCH which is fairly obviously NOT a wholesome "Girl-next-door I Love Jesus so let's go to Kenya and build a Water Wheel" kinda name (also you can just get the name Ann). THE FAMILY CIRCLE? Family Circle is so annoyingly wholesome and "Christian Value Oriented" that it has to be the work of Minions of Hades (who are also available for Freelance). If you are a God Fearing individual who would like to go to HEAVEN after your death then you should avoid ALL cartoons! (tough not to sneak a peek at Luann tho, the little tramp).

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