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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Yes, I, The Fabulous Mr. Jimmy Keith, am well aware how random my blog is. I do appreciate all the emails informing me  that I capitalize words when they don't need it. I appreciate all the letters pointing out my complete and total disregard for correct punctuation. I love the phone calls telling me I comma when I should semi-colon and I semi-colon when I should comma. I have great respect for all the instant messaging that discusses my over use of exclamation points; and I have laughed at the texts saying I don't use parentheses enough (believe me. I am King of Parenthetical writing). Now, please, understand me as I say to all my readers (with great respect) : FUCK OFF. I honestly DO NOT CARE. This Blog Jumped The Fucking Shark some 40 Posts ago! I have big plans to jump back over the SHARK soon! Then I shall re-jump him (or her. or it, in case sharks mate with themselves like certain electronics salesman I have met). I shall continue jumping back and forth over said shark until I feel done. UNTIL I FEEL SATED. I stick punctuation anywhere I feel like, and capitalize whenever I want because this is MY BLOG DAMN IT! I was going to make this a "WELCOME TO ALL MY NEW FRIENDS FROM ARGENTINA!" post except you little Argentinian fuckers are the most anal retentive shitheads on the planet! I like underlining certain words or changing my font style or size to suit my mood. But you Bastards from Argentina (A Bolivian speaking people) are all concerned with the grammatical accurateness of my writing. WHO GIVES A FUCK? I also don't care if my facts are not 100% on point. There is no truth to facts except facts that are true and since not all facts are true then truth must be over rated. And Dat's Da Fact, JACK!

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