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Sunday, June 10, 2012

YEAH, HE IS NOW KNOWN AS COWBOY JOHN ( or Gay Spurs) who cares

The Gayest of the Gay has changed his name, yet again. Due to an online management manual written by an inexperienced sarcastic child with no previous work record which has convinced Gay Stress Throat Massage John (or whatever the Hell his last nickname was) to change his management style. He "learned" the secret to a happy work force (farce?) is "to feel a connectivity to the management staff". This new knowledge has led to GayBoy calling himself Cowboy John. Is he a cowboy because he rides a horse, ropes cattle, and shoots bandits? No. Is he a cowboy who drives a pick-up truck, chews "tobaccy" and talks like an idiot? No. He is not even Bon Jovi gay cowboy-ish. Nope. The deluded charity case adopted the moniker Cowboy John because he has (apparently. according to him. I have not checked.) ceased wearing Boxers or Briefs or anything underneath his Korean knock-off Dockers; hence, he is "going Cowboy". Even more hence, Cowboy John. Thus hence the Hence-ness, thusly. Cowboy John then felt compelled to describe how "being without constraints while wearing cheap thin slacks" has caused him to walk faster because "the rush of the air provides its' own excitement which he then passes on to his employees with a grateful (and satisfied) smile. I told him if I so much as caught a hint of satisfied smiling excitement heading towards me I would stuff him in a microwave and Nuke it out of him. He then shouted "YIPPEE! MOVE IT ALONG LIL' DOGGIE! HAPPY TRAILS KEMOSABE...". I shoved his Village People Chaps down his throat.

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