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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Belarus, a country filled with Bela-roos-ons (Belarussians looks like Bell-A-Russians) is a very interesting little country located somewhere other than the Americas. Actually, landlocked in between Poland, Ukraine and Russia (or possibly just south of Sweden) Belarus is sensitive to being landlocked and frequently likes to tell unsuspecting people it is a beautiful island with gorgeous white sandy beaches. Some native to Belarus refer to themselves as BelOrussians (with out capitalizing or underlining the "O" which I did only for emphasis) but of course those people are fucking idiots because the letter "O" is not in the name of the country so it would be illegal to use it in the name of the people! (Duh!) Anyhow, scientists and geologists and certain math teachers like to debate how Belarus is pronounced: either Bell-a-ruse or Bee-lair-us. To this day no right answer has been determined. Kinda strange, isn't it? I personally would simply like to thank the many good people of Bee-lair-us who visit this blog on a daily basis. You Mothers are some Heavy, Heavy Players. Keep rocking to that "80's" music the rest of us left behind by 1990. (it's just so cute you haven't updated!)

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